Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your General Makeup Advice

Makeup Fanatics listen up!
With New Years Eve right around the corner these makeup tips could be crucial for you. This isn't a tutorial or a how to it's just some guidelines so you don't look off with your colors. Pay ATTENTION to these tips and it will ensure that you aren't too cluttered or have too many colors going on at one time! ENJOY!

#1. Pay Attention to Your Nail Polish
Okay, if you are anything like me then you love colors on your nails. I love drawing attention to them with colors that make them stand out. (yes, I like black, red, nude, french, and pale pinks too) However, with new years coming around you need to take into account of what color your nail polish is. Right now i'm wearing a neon blue color which I displayed in a previous post regarding the China Glaze nail polish. Since my nail color is blue I can't wear a red dress or wear purple makeup or something (you understand what i'm saying? PAY ATTENTION TO THIS COLOR BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO BASE ALOT OFF OF IT IF YOU WANT TO MATCH! Otherwise change your color. Since I have a blue color on my nails I will most likely wear a black and white dress with either your typical smokey eye with silvers or I may go a little crazy (yes I can actually get crazier than I actually am, sad I know) and do possibly a blue smokey eye with some navy and blacks. Remember, yes you want your makeup to stand out and yes you want to look perfect however if you don't match your makeup to your HANDS (nails) which everyone will notice you will look funky. If you want to be able to do universal looks I suggest blacks, whites, french, reds, or pinks for your nail color.

#2. Pick a Piece of Jewelry and Stick TO IT!
You all have seen those women who have on clunker style necklaces, with a huge bangle up to their elbow, with rings on almost every finger, and earrings down to their bosoms. Alright well you probably haven't seen that but you've seen people who OVER accessorize. This is a no-no. Short quiz time. What's a no-no? OVER accessorize. Ok good let's continue. When it comes to accessorizing you want to have ONE piece that stands out, whether its your Betsey Johnson Earrings, Michael Kors watch, or huge Forever 21 Necklace (you will have to pick). Sometimes you can have earrings and your watch or bracelet if they match (both gold / both silver). So pick either your hunky dory necklace or your gorgeous earrings.

#3. Being Simple is Sometimes the Best Way
You are already stressing with New Years around the bend with where to go, who to be with, and most importantly who to kiss; you don't need that extra stress of what makeup goes with what dress, what nail polish, what jewelry, what shoes, what hairstyle, and what clutch. Sometimes keeping your dress simple allows you to do more with it where you may have more options than if you did a turquoise Betsey Johnson dress (yes I love Betsey as you can see). I'm not saying it has to be a little black dress or anything, but sometimes staying with a simple dress allows more opportunities for you to make it go POP. With my dress since it is your typical black and white dress (white strapless right in the boob area then black from under the boobs and down) It looks like this minus the ruffling on the white and the black thing in the middle.
If you are the kind of person who wants your dress to be what stands out the most, then you may have selective choices for accessories and makeup. But that is your call i'm not saying don't do it, I did last year and rocked it!

With all three of these tips you'll be able to have a kick ass new year. I can't give you any advice on drinking thats your call. But everyone stay safe and bring in the year 2011 with style! Feel free to post any pictures on here from your lovely night! I would love to see your makeup and ensemble.

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

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  1. i have that dress BUT not from David's bridal. nice article though :)) i need to find some accessories too


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