Monday, December 27, 2010

Laura Gellar Makeup

Ok so this is the Laura Gellar "EyeEyeEye" makeup collection. As you can see it comes with a bunch of marble/mineral shadows. When you get these eyeshadows wet the color is brilliant!

Ok this is a baked marble color and it's called's a gorgeous mixture of bronze tones, gold, and pink.

This color is called forest mist. This shadow has alot of Ambers and greens. Perfect for a natural look.

This color is called Pink Dust. It's your typical fairy dust for your eyes. This color is a very light pink with a lot of glitter and glam to it. I personally find this color to be stunning when doing a purple smokey eye and using this color on your tear ducts. It draws attention.

This color here is called Copper Cadabra and it is one of the eye rimz for wet/dry eye accents (along with hocus locus and potion). These colors are used for your outer v or lining your eye. This color is a very orangey rust color. It also has some darker tints to it. Very gorgeous with an amber or gold look.

This is Hocus Pocus. It is another one of eye rimz and is mesmerizing. This color has some deep greens and blacks with alot of shimmer. The glitter really adds a shine to the darker colors.

This color is called Potion. It is another eye rimz color. This color is has purple, deep purple, silver, and a shimmery black. This is perfect for a purple smokey eye.

This is probably one of my favorite colors because there are TWO! These colors are called Strawberry Shortcake and Coffee Bean. These colors go great for a natural smokey eye. Using coffee bean in the crease and the peachy color of strawberry shortcake on your lid.

This color is called Peaches N' Cream and Green tea. The names are pretty self explanatory. The peach color is a very pale pink coral mix. The green tea is more of a sage green.

This color is called GumDrop and Concord Grape (think of welchs CONCORD grape juice!) GumDrop is a baby pink like bubblegum. The purple is a deep purple. When you mix the two you get a very pretty violet.

Well this was the review on the Laura Gellar "EyeEyeEye" makeup. The best part of this kit is the variety of colors you get when they are dry or wet. Enjoy!

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA


  1. These look amazing.. you should do some looks with them!xx

  2. I just used them today and oh my they are sensational. You can do so many different colors. Ill post pictures soon! Thanks for the follow... love your blog.


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