Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your General Makeup Advice

Makeup Fanatics listen up!
With New Years Eve right around the corner these makeup tips could be crucial for you. This isn't a tutorial or a how to it's just some guidelines so you don't look off with your colors. Pay ATTENTION to these tips and it will ensure that you aren't too cluttered or have too many colors going on at one time! ENJOY!

#1. Pay Attention to Your Nail Polish
Okay, if you are anything like me then you love colors on your nails. I love drawing attention to them with colors that make them stand out. (yes, I like black, red, nude, french, and pale pinks too) However, with new years coming around you need to take into account of what color your nail polish is. Right now i'm wearing a neon blue color which I displayed in a previous post regarding the China Glaze nail polish. Since my nail color is blue I can't wear a red dress or wear purple makeup or something (you understand what i'm saying? PAY ATTENTION TO THIS COLOR BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO BASE ALOT OFF OF IT IF YOU WANT TO MATCH! Otherwise change your color. Since I have a blue color on my nails I will most likely wear a black and white dress with either your typical smokey eye with silvers or I may go a little crazy (yes I can actually get crazier than I actually am, sad I know) and do possibly a blue smokey eye with some navy and blacks. Remember, yes you want your makeup to stand out and yes you want to look perfect however if you don't match your makeup to your HANDS (nails) which everyone will notice you will look funky. If you want to be able to do universal looks I suggest blacks, whites, french, reds, or pinks for your nail color.

#2. Pick a Piece of Jewelry and Stick TO IT!
You all have seen those women who have on clunker style necklaces, with a huge bangle up to their elbow, with rings on almost every finger, and earrings down to their bosoms. Alright well you probably haven't seen that but you've seen people who OVER accessorize. This is a no-no. Short quiz time. What's a no-no? OVER accessorize. Ok good let's continue. When it comes to accessorizing you want to have ONE piece that stands out, whether its your Betsey Johnson Earrings, Michael Kors watch, or huge Forever 21 Necklace (you will have to pick). Sometimes you can have earrings and your watch or bracelet if they match (both gold / both silver). So pick either your hunky dory necklace or your gorgeous earrings.

#3. Being Simple is Sometimes the Best Way
You are already stressing with New Years around the bend with where to go, who to be with, and most importantly who to kiss; you don't need that extra stress of what makeup goes with what dress, what nail polish, what jewelry, what shoes, what hairstyle, and what clutch. Sometimes keeping your dress simple allows you to do more with it where you may have more options than if you did a turquoise Betsey Johnson dress (yes I love Betsey as you can see). I'm not saying it has to be a little black dress or anything, but sometimes staying with a simple dress allows more opportunities for you to make it go POP. With my dress since it is your typical black and white dress (white strapless right in the boob area then black from under the boobs and down) It looks like this minus the ruffling on the white and the black thing in the middle.
If you are the kind of person who wants your dress to be what stands out the most, then you may have selective choices for accessories and makeup. But that is your call i'm not saying don't do it, I did last year and rocked it!

With all three of these tips you'll be able to have a kick ass new year. I can't give you any advice on drinking thats your call. But everyone stay safe and bring in the year 2011 with style! Feel free to post any pictures on here from your lovely night! I would love to see your makeup and ensemble.

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hey Fellow Makeup addicts!
I'm so so sorry that I haven't posted today. I was at busch gardens all day however I'm going to do a makeup tutorial and some reviews in the next couple days. Especially some new years looks (you can NEVER go wrong with a smokey eye for a fabulous night!) :) I love reading everyone's posts and feedback on makeup and such. Let me know if you have any requests you would like to have done or any reviews at all.

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA!/TheBellaVitaMUA

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New years eve nail colors

China glaze is probably one of my favorite nail brands beside O.P.I. I saw the three colors and I fell in love and immediately thought they would be perfect for new years.

This color is called Flying Dragon and it is a gorgeous neon purple. If you want to be magical on new years this is your color.

This color is called frostbite. Burrrr! You can see I have the color on and it is leaning more upwards a neon royal blue. I love it and it really draws attention to your nails.

Feeling lucky? This color is called four leaf clover. It's like a seafoam green color and it really pretty on the nails.

All of these colors will definitely draw attention to your nails on new years and are all really fun colors to mess with. Ring in this year with flair.

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Monday, December 27, 2010

88 color palette

Alot of people know about BHCosmetics or CoastalScents which are great quality makeup and cheap if you can't afford MAC or you just want more for your moneys worth. Here is there awesome 88 color palette that has gorgeous colors and they last throughout the day.

The price of the palette is $18.95 and you can find it on
Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Cute bracelet

The loft is having some awesome sales meaning everything in the store is 50% off! This bracelet is only 15 dollars and it's super cute. Go check them out.

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

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Laura Gellar Makeup

Ok so this is the Laura Gellar "EyeEyeEye" makeup collection. As you can see it comes with a bunch of marble/mineral shadows. When you get these eyeshadows wet the color is brilliant!

Ok this is a baked marble color and it's called's a gorgeous mixture of bronze tones, gold, and pink.

This color is called forest mist. This shadow has alot of Ambers and greens. Perfect for a natural look.

This color is called Pink Dust. It's your typical fairy dust for your eyes. This color is a very light pink with a lot of glitter and glam to it. I personally find this color to be stunning when doing a purple smokey eye and using this color on your tear ducts. It draws attention.

This color here is called Copper Cadabra and it is one of the eye rimz for wet/dry eye accents (along with hocus locus and potion). These colors are used for your outer v or lining your eye. This color is a very orangey rust color. It also has some darker tints to it. Very gorgeous with an amber or gold look.

This is Hocus Pocus. It is another one of eye rimz and is mesmerizing. This color has some deep greens and blacks with alot of shimmer. The glitter really adds a shine to the darker colors.

This color is called Potion. It is another eye rimz color. This color is has purple, deep purple, silver, and a shimmery black. This is perfect for a purple smokey eye.

This is probably one of my favorite colors because there are TWO! These colors are called Strawberry Shortcake and Coffee Bean. These colors go great for a natural smokey eye. Using coffee bean in the crease and the peachy color of strawberry shortcake on your lid.

This color is called Peaches N' Cream and Green tea. The names are pretty self explanatory. The peach color is a very pale pink coral mix. The green tea is more of a sage green.

This color is called GumDrop and Concord Grape (think of welchs CONCORD grape juice!) GumDrop is a baby pink like bubblegum. The purple is a deep purple. When you mix the two you get a very pretty violet.

Well this was the review on the Laura Gellar "EyeEyeEye" makeup. The best part of this kit is the variety of colors you get when they are dry or wet. Enjoy!

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Gorgeous Smokey Eye

True art

Credit: Bobbi brown

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Bobbi making my dreams come true

For Christmas a signed Bobbi brown book, however I recommend this book to everyone who loves makeup! This book gives you everything from basics like which brush is which (ladies the bigger ones are for powders not eyeshadow) to the perfect smokey eye (not like Taylor momsen). Seriously go grab this book you won't regret it Bobbi Brown makes everything sooooo unbelievably simple you can't resist. It is $32.00 and you can get it on Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi Guys! If you want to check out some great jewelry crafting items go to this site! There are amazing things there and you can also follow them on their twitter

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA


I love the show Jerseylicious on Style. I want to work at the Glam Factory with Alexa Prisco and have her teach me her smokey eye. LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

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Fight the Winter Dryness

Hello Blog World of Makeup Fanatics,
Since it is winter season it is natural for the body to become dry. Your face will become dry and the skin will become flaky. The cure? Moisturizer. Carry a small moisturizer (one that contains SPF to fight those nasty rays) in your mini makeup bag. I like to use the miniature Nivea Creme that was $0.99 at your local drugstore. This product is great because it is small enough to fit into your makeup bag AND it is amazing for touchups on dry areas of your face. It doesn't wipe off your foundation and it goes into the creases of your nose perfectly.

Chapped lips. The most painful, unattractive, and annoying aspect that winter could do to one's face. Yes, you can keep adding that chapstick throughout the whole day but how annoying is that? In order to keep those puckering suckers clean you have to keep them moisturized at all times. Follow these steps and you will have extremely wet lips:

1. Get rid of that dead skin
To get rid of the dead skin you are going to take a toothbrush (No, not the one you use with your teeth YUCK) and you are going to slightly wet it. Next take a cotton ball that is SLIGHTLY wet and rub it on your lips. Take the toothbrush and using your thumb go over the bristles to break them in a little bit. Next you are going to pucker your lips. Then GENTLY go over the lips with the damp toothbrush in a circular motion. (Your lips will turn red but c'mon if they start bleeding that's all on you) You're going to do this for about a minute and a half (that's 90 seconds people). Take a DRY cotton ball and gently remove the excess water, you still want them to be slightly damp.

2. Chappy McChap Chap
Yes, you're going to apply chapstick now (my preference is carmex or Nivea). Apply the chapstick all over your lips (I usually do it about 3 times). Take your index finger and smooth the chapstick all over your lips. Let dry for at least 5 minutes before moving on to next step

3. Color?
You can then go through your normal routine of lining your lips (not chonga style) and applying color.

4. G-L-O-S-S
Applying lipgloss keeps your lips wet throughout the day. So applying this throughout the day (instead of chappy mcchap chap) might land you that date and you'll pretty much look better with it anyways. The lipgloss also keeps you from licking it because it feel wet throughout the day whereas the chapstick eventually dissolves into your lips so they then feel dry which is why you lick them unknowingly. Gloss up :)

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Pretty in Pink

Baby Blues, Beautiful Brown, Hypnotizing Hazels, Gorgeous Greens: MAKE THEM POP

I think that every person can wear any kind of eyeshadow, however there are those colors that make one's eyes POP based on their natural color. Here are some great tips to make sure that you can get your eyes to be the most capturing feature about your face. Also it is hard to determine the exact colors because there are so many varying shades in eye colors.
Brown Eyes:
We all know that the neutral colors (browns, some golds, and some greens) always look good on brown eyes. You are kind of limited in what you can do with those. I also think that that smokey eyes with silver and grey and black always work with brown eyes. My absolute favorite color to use is purple. Purple brings out brown eyes beautifully. If you do a purple smokey eye it will really capture anyone's attention and draw them to your eyes. If you look at Drew Barrymore's commercial for ShadowBlast by Covergirl, the purple draws attention to her brown eyes. Another fan of this look is none other that poster Selena Gomez. This girl rocks her brown eyes with all kinds of purple shades and liners among her eyes. I also like to use very light and shimmery corals/pinks to draw attention to the inner corner of my eyes (tearducts). Make sure to test the look before!
Blue Eyes:
When it comes to blue eyes the best colors are copper, peach, coral, bronze, and rust kinds of colors. These colors really make those baby blues POP. Blues also look good on blue eyes as well as pale pinks. Some purples can be used but it's usually a hit or a miss because the colors are so close together. Lining your eyes with a chocolate brown eyeliner really draws attention to your eyes but doesn't have that harsh black line along with it. The chocolate brown warms the eyes but also makes them stand out.
If you ever watched Laguna Beach when Lo went to Bobbi Brown to get her makeup done the artist stated that peaches and corals are the best colors for blue eyes. This is true! Blue eyes love those beachy colors. Adding some bronze shimmer to the crease also helps to make those eyes stand out!
Hazel Eyes:
With hazel eyes, you have pigments of all kinds of colors so you pretty much have free range to use a vast variety of colors. The colors that make these eyes stand out the most would be violet. Because the hazel eyes has a lot of gold, brown and green. Violet brings out the golden tint in the eyes. Using a violet eyeliner or doing a violet smokey eye. Using natural colors like browns and bronzes and earthy tones. Using an auburn or burnt sort of color will bring out the green in your eyes as well. Make sure that with hazel eyes you know what you want to bring out because the eye color changes so much.
Green Eyes:
For green eyes browns and violets tend to bring out the eye color as well as it does with blue and brown eyes. Almay has created a "raisin" colored eyeliner that is designed specifically to bring out the green eye color. Warm purples, pinks, greens, peaches, and browns usually are the best fit for green eyes. With green eyes, wearing either green or gold really brings out the colors especially with clothes too! Green eyes look amazing with a natural smokey eye where you can have green as the base or gold with bronze in the crease.
This is just some suggestions of how to make your eye color stand out especially to get that attention from that special guy. Enjoy ladies and Happy Holidays!
Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

Companies that Do and Don't do tests on animals

For all you animal lovers out there check out this site for companies that test on your fellow furries.


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