Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fight the Winter Dryness

Hello Blog World of Makeup Fanatics,
Since it is winter season it is natural for the body to become dry. Your face will become dry and the skin will become flaky. The cure? Moisturizer. Carry a small moisturizer (one that contains SPF to fight those nasty rays) in your mini makeup bag. I like to use the miniature Nivea Creme that was $0.99 at your local drugstore. This product is great because it is small enough to fit into your makeup bag AND it is amazing for touchups on dry areas of your face. It doesn't wipe off your foundation and it goes into the creases of your nose perfectly.

Chapped lips. The most painful, unattractive, and annoying aspect that winter could do to one's face. Yes, you can keep adding that chapstick throughout the whole day but how annoying is that? In order to keep those puckering suckers clean you have to keep them moisturized at all times. Follow these steps and you will have extremely wet lips:

1. Get rid of that dead skin
To get rid of the dead skin you are going to take a toothbrush (No, not the one you use with your teeth YUCK) and you are going to slightly wet it. Next take a cotton ball that is SLIGHTLY wet and rub it on your lips. Take the toothbrush and using your thumb go over the bristles to break them in a little bit. Next you are going to pucker your lips. Then GENTLY go over the lips with the damp toothbrush in a circular motion. (Your lips will turn red but c'mon if they start bleeding that's all on you) You're going to do this for about a minute and a half (that's 90 seconds people). Take a DRY cotton ball and gently remove the excess water, you still want them to be slightly damp.

2. Chappy McChap Chap
Yes, you're going to apply chapstick now (my preference is carmex or Nivea). Apply the chapstick all over your lips (I usually do it about 3 times). Take your index finger and smooth the chapstick all over your lips. Let dry for at least 5 minutes before moving on to next step

3. Color?
You can then go through your normal routine of lining your lips (not chonga style) and applying color.

4. G-L-O-S-S
Applying lipgloss keeps your lips wet throughout the day. So applying this throughout the day (instead of chappy mcchap chap) might land you that date and you'll pretty much look better with it anyways. The lipgloss also keeps you from licking it because it feel wet throughout the day whereas the chapstick eventually dissolves into your lips so they then feel dry which is why you lick them unknowingly. Gloss up :)

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

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