Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Blues, Beautiful Brown, Hypnotizing Hazels, Gorgeous Greens: MAKE THEM POP

I think that every person can wear any kind of eyeshadow, however there are those colors that make one's eyes POP based on their natural color. Here are some great tips to make sure that you can get your eyes to be the most capturing feature about your face. Also it is hard to determine the exact colors because there are so many varying shades in eye colors.
Brown Eyes:
We all know that the neutral colors (browns, some golds, and some greens) always look good on brown eyes. You are kind of limited in what you can do with those. I also think that that smokey eyes with silver and grey and black always work with brown eyes. My absolute favorite color to use is purple. Purple brings out brown eyes beautifully. If you do a purple smokey eye it will really capture anyone's attention and draw them to your eyes. If you look at Drew Barrymore's commercial for ShadowBlast by Covergirl, the purple draws attention to her brown eyes. Another fan of this look is none other that poster Selena Gomez. This girl rocks her brown eyes with all kinds of purple shades and liners among her eyes. I also like to use very light and shimmery corals/pinks to draw attention to the inner corner of my eyes (tearducts). Make sure to test the look before!
Blue Eyes:
When it comes to blue eyes the best colors are copper, peach, coral, bronze, and rust kinds of colors. These colors really make those baby blues POP. Blues also look good on blue eyes as well as pale pinks. Some purples can be used but it's usually a hit or a miss because the colors are so close together. Lining your eyes with a chocolate brown eyeliner really draws attention to your eyes but doesn't have that harsh black line along with it. The chocolate brown warms the eyes but also makes them stand out.
If you ever watched Laguna Beach when Lo went to Bobbi Brown to get her makeup done the artist stated that peaches and corals are the best colors for blue eyes. This is true! Blue eyes love those beachy colors. Adding some bronze shimmer to the crease also helps to make those eyes stand out!
Hazel Eyes:
With hazel eyes, you have pigments of all kinds of colors so you pretty much have free range to use a vast variety of colors. The colors that make these eyes stand out the most would be violet. Because the hazel eyes has a lot of gold, brown and green. Violet brings out the golden tint in the eyes. Using a violet eyeliner or doing a violet smokey eye. Using natural colors like browns and bronzes and earthy tones. Using an auburn or burnt sort of color will bring out the green in your eyes as well. Make sure that with hazel eyes you know what you want to bring out because the eye color changes so much.
Green Eyes:
For green eyes browns and violets tend to bring out the eye color as well as it does with blue and brown eyes. Almay has created a "raisin" colored eyeliner that is designed specifically to bring out the green eye color. Warm purples, pinks, greens, peaches, and browns usually are the best fit for green eyes. With green eyes, wearing either green or gold really brings out the colors especially with clothes too! Green eyes look amazing with a natural smokey eye where you can have green as the base or gold with bronze in the crease.
This is just some suggestions of how to make your eye color stand out especially to get that attention from that special guy. Enjoy ladies and Happy Holidays!
Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA

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