Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Drug Store Moisturizer

What's your worst possible enemy during Winter? DRY SKIN. All that lack of moisture is really bad for you skin and it sucks for us "vanity glamorous" people who try to do our foundation and we have half of it peeling off our face then that prick who points it out like "Ew, um, your skin is peeling like a snake sheds it's skin." Well thank you but anyways, you don't want that! It is unattractive and people will avoid looking at your face which defeats the purpose of noticing you. The key to all of this is getting a good moisturizer. Today I'm going to do a review on two drugstore brands that I have personally tried for over 4 months.

The first product I'm going to talk about is the Clean & Clear Advantage with Acne Control. I decided to try this because generally I enjoy their products, however this product blatantly states it is OIL FREE. When oil builds up on your skin that is when zits occur so its important to avoid oily substances. This moisturizer made my face oily and I noticed that I had more blemishes and pimples. (Ironic since it is "Acne Control"). I also noticed with this moisturizer that my skin would dry up fairly quickly. I assumed that it was because it was a new product that it would take time for my skin to adjust and absorb it, however I used it straight for a month and it remained the same. I wasn't impressed with this product at all. I would give it a 2 out of 5.

The next moisturizer that I used was the Biore SPF 30 moisturizer. I really loved this one because it had sunscreen in it. It also never left my skin oily once. The product keeps my skin moisturized throughout the whole day and it feels amazing on your skin. I'm really big on protecting my skin so the fact that it had sunscreen in it was amazing. The moisturizer was actually discontinued though for reasons that I do not know. They did however come out with one that has the exact same formula however it is just SPF 15 now. I would one hundred percent pick this moisturizer and for a drugstore brand it is phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend it. ENJOY!

Live A Beautiful Life,
The Bella Vita MUA
(photos were edited prior to name change)

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